Mietis x MiSsony

Espai Mietis 62, Barcelona

Our first art exhibit at Espai Mietis with Misonny Art Festival

We are thrilled to share our first art exhibition, the first of many to be held at Espai Mietis. This collaboration echoes our commitment to spotlight creative individuals, aligning with projects that express essence and identity through creativity.

In our quest to offer visibility to these talents, we aim to forge meaningful connections between fashion and art.

Eight prominent local and international artists, such as Albert Madaula (Barcelona), Gastón Lisak (Barcelona), Samuel De Sagas (Málaga), Alexia Rros (Girona), Marina Salazar (Barcelona), Paloma Correa (Uruguay), Aiam Maia (Uruguay), and Mariano Pascual (Argentina), showcased their works.

The experience

Live Painting

The opening event took place on Saturday, November 4th, offering our guests a unique experience by blending live art with a 'live painting' session by Alexia Rros and a mushroom painting workshop, courtesy of Aiam Maia.

We appreciate everyone who made this unforgettable night possible, with special mention to Missony art festival, Maria Fontanellas and the talented artists whose works will be on display until the end of 2023.


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