Barcelona, Spain

Mietis has embarked on a transformative journey by bringing the production of our luxury handbags in-house.

Mietis luxury lies in quality and durability.

Our designs adhere to high-quality standards built to last. By embracing the concept of "less is more," we produce superior products in limited quantities. This efficient system reduces our environmental footprint and contributes to minimizing waste generated by the fashion industry.

We can control the quality and traceability of each piece

This strategic decision allows us to have full control over every stage of the handbag manufacturing process, from material selection to the final finishing details. By keeping production in-house, we can ensure the highest standards of quality.

A shared dream

In the rich tapestry of Mietis, a brand that marries heritage and innovation, we find the union of Fernando Fontanellas and his daughter Maria.

With a legacy dating back to 1952, Fernando has been a stalwart in the luxury leather industry, owning a factory that served as a trusted supplier to renowned luxury brands.

Meanwhile, Maria, after completing her degree and earning accolades as the best designer at the 080 Barcelona fashion show in 2017, brought a fresh perspective and a vision for distinctive design.

Evolutionary roots

This union isn't just a business; it's the convergence of decades of expertise and the creativity of a visionary designer.

Three generations of leather craftsmanship for the best brands laid the foundation for Mietis, ensuring not only access to the market's premier leather but also the ability to offer it at accessible prices without compromising on quality or unique design.


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