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Espai Mietis in Barcelona is the first Flagship Store of the firm, born with the desire to offer a full creative experience diving into the world of Mietis.

Flagship Store

Espai Mietis in Barcelona has been created to provide fashion and culture to the Mietis community by offering a creative experience tailored to the particular interests of each client. Besides being Mietis’ first flagship store, it is a fashion studio, a customization atelier and a gallery.

Mietis will offer a customization experience at the Space. You will be able to create along with Mietis designer a unique jacket choosing one model from the collection to adapt it to your own style. An exclusive experience by appointment only and a delivery service of only 15 business days upon placing the order.

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Customization Atelier


Espai Mietis was also created with the purpose to collaborate with local and young artists. A part of its space is destined for a gallery where distinctive exhibitions and creative events will happen, offering a dynamic, contemporary and cultural space to the Mietis community.

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