Our story

Founded by Maria Fontanellas in 2017, Mietis is a young luxury brand based in Barcelona.

Mietis translates cinematic and retrospective inspirations into contemporary and colorful designs with the aim of curating a timeless wardrobe, full of pieces with soul designed to last.

Coming from a recognized leather-tanning Spanish manufacturer, the highest leather quality is ensured allowing Mietis to have full control of their key material.

Mietis believes true luxury resides in the traceability and the quality of its products, by manufacturing its collections with highly skilled Spanish manufacturers.

With the purpose to give women the power to design their own piece, Mietis offers versatile and customizable designs that truly reflect their personality.

SENSING. MIETIS is color. MIETIS is family. MIETIS is sensing.

Mietis is a sweet imaginarium, full of dreams and childhood memories. This is materialized through vibrant colors spreading happiness and fantasy to the world.

Color blocks give power and personality to our designs, spreading a positivity to our community.

SPECIAL. We believe in authenticity. MIETIS is unique.

Mietis is a special and intimate brand that creates meaningful and irreplaceable designs.

Customization increases the uniqueness and specialty of our products by involving the customer in the creative process. A deeper connection is achieved by creating value together.

Our values

Made in Spain

MADE TO LAST. The product goes first. How and where we make it matters.

Mietis luxury is quality and durability. Our designs follow high quality standards made to last.

CONSCIOUS LUXURY. Designing from the idea of more in less, we produce better products in limited quantities.

This effective system reduces our environmental footprint and contributes to minimize the waste produced by the fashion industry.

By offering pre-order items also, we produce on demand supporting a fashion cycle that entirely satisfies the needs of its customers.

Introducing less seasonal collections, allowing us time to design and research in order to make the best product quality and to do it in a more sustainable manufacturing method each time.

We do not stick to the seasonality of the fashion industry. This gives us time to invest in research and design paying attention in all details in order to make special products that last in time.

Created using the highest quality leather, all our leather goods are made in Spain, under the know-how of craftsmen who have worked in the industry for decades guaranteeing excellence in all creations.

Leather goods are made in Ubrique and Barcelona, and the ready-to-wear collections in Barcelona. Collaborating closely with our suppliers and manufacturers allows us to ensure product traceability.


Circular economy project

At MIETIS we develop projects to promote the circular economy. In 2018 we implemented new high-quality tanning products on the market based on upcycling of leather. Thanks to this project, Mietis has received a grant from the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2020.

With the support of Agència de Residus de Catalunya


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