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FALL WINTER 2018/2019


The A Safari to Wonderland collection represents a trip full of life and colour that creates an illusion through the most imaginative details of its pieces, taking its spectator to a tropical jungle full of wonders.


A wide colour palette takes care of the balance and the application of colours giving light and movement to the looks. Brushes of yellows, mauves and blue take care of the balance creating a mosaic on the leather giving light to the set of looks.


Those mosaics that are translated into a set of pieces made of leather, coats that evoke another era, biker jackets, pants and skirts, and in a great majority topped with feathers.


Thus, socialites and icons such as Wallis Simpson, inspiration that Fontanellas itself is inspired by this collection, whose personal style can be revered also in fictional characters such as Jay Gatsby, the guests of the Grand Hotel Budapest by Wes Anderson or Renée Zellweger in Down with love. Surely these myths, both real and imaginary, would have chosen these garments for that safari proposed by the designer.


The excess and the ostentation charge here all the sense and the justification of the world, representing not only in the garments, but also in accessories such as the silver, red or white stockings or the undercut shoes in metallic tones. In the end, it almost seems that the protagonists of the journey of Mietis are transformed, to spread their wings and become themselves the exotic birds of this safari.

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