Mietis x Batlló

Barcelona, Spain

The Mietis x Casa Batlló collaboration was a creative journey into a whole new universe of color and imagination.

Mietis artisanal giant bag at Casa Batlló

We provided a physical and technological experience, taking visitors on a journey that ranged from technological immersion to the artisanal process of customizing a Mietis bag, culminating in the viewing of the final product in large-scale 3D.

Artisanal customization

We held a workshop with a focus on highlighting the importance of craftsmanship, a fundamental pillar at the heart of Mietis and Casa Batlló. Our main objective was to offer visitors an enriching experience, allowing them to delve into the world that lies behind our brands.

Event party

In addition to two exhibitions, participants had the opportunity to enjoy a terrace with DJ music and special Mietis cocktails while basking in the sunset.



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